Nora Canto

127694609-12812932 copy2Founder & International Buyer Representative

Specializing in representing private international clients interested in purchasing properties in New York City who require a specialist to search, evaluate and negotiate these properties on their behalf. High level customer service GUARANTEED providing first class service, undivided dedication, confidentiality, and unbiased assistance to ensure all client’s qualifications and needs are met.

My Services

Buying real estate over seas can be an arduous, overwhelming task, especially if you have a busy lifestyle, are limited on time and want to avoid the inconvenience of traveling back and forth to view properties.

Hiring a representative eases the entire process for the buyer from start to finish. Services include; searching and personally viewing properties for the buyer based on their requirements and budget, researching the property and surrounding neighborhoods, presenting qualifying properties to buyers via pictures, videos or live video calls during viewings, accompany the buyer to view properties they’re interested in if they choose to fly in, submit offers on behalf of the buyer to real estate agent and transmit and disclose all necessary documents between real estate agency and buyer, after the closing of a deal.